Individual Essences

30ml bottles

Rainbow Essences can make a huge difference in the way you experience and respond to life, allowing you to feel more calm, happy and loving more of the time!

Each essence can be taken as a vibrational remedy in its own right, but we found that the best results are achieved by combining 3 - 4 essences that feel appropriate for your situation.

Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and trust the choices you make. There are no "wrong" choices! We invite you to give the Rainbow Essences a try and let them work their magic in you and your life!

"I would like to say how grateful I am for the Rainbow Essences; they constantly follow me on my study journey and they work magic when I have exams. Thank you very much! I don't think I can imagine my life without them."
Aleksandra, UK

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Individual Essences