Essence Sets

Sets of Rainbow Essences

Rainbow Essences are specially energised combinations of gemstone and flower essences, that are precisely tuned to your chakras (energy centres) and your biofield (aura).

They work in synergy with you and with each other, and the most effective way of working with them is to select from the complete repertoire the essences that resonate most with you for the day or for a particular situation.

Whether you are guided by the colour of the label, the name of the essence, or the affirmation that accompanies it, you will always be led towards the most helpful essences at any given moment. Trust your intuition and know that your choices are perfect.

"The Rainbow Essences feel like such a blessing and I am having tremendous delight playing with their energies and drawing in their support for the challenges that arise day by day. Their vibrations are so clean, the intention so clear, working on a level that is much higher/purer than other essences in my repertoire. A delicious addition to my own journey and to many others who I will share them with lovingly."
Chloe, UK

Essence Sets