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"I joyfully embrace change and new opportunities."

Catalyst Essence
stimulates dynamic change when you feel stuck and unable to move forward or out of a situation, emotion or behavioural pattern. Change and transformation go hand in hand. The moment you surrender to what life presents you with, you begin to grow, finding new strength to replace the fear that was holding you back.

Catalyst helps you to embrace the freshness of a new experience and let go of your resistance to change. It enables you to see the potential for new opportunities and feel excited about them, thereby providing the stimulus for a shift to happen.

If  Catalyst Essence appears in your selection, the universe is putting you on notice that change is coming your way. You are asked to trust and let go of your resistance and follow the path that is opening up before you.

Catalyst Essence contains:
  • Platinum stimulates you to move forward with strength and ease.
  • Ash teaches you the magic and freedom that unfold when you embrace change.
  • Reed reminds you of staying cool and gives you the lightness and flexibility to respond to the new opportunities that unfold.

Catalyst Essence works particularly well in combination with Courage Essence and Intuition Essence. Courage relieves the fear of the unknown and Intuition allows you to clearly perceive the guidance of your soul.

Further Info & Usage

Catalyst Essence belongs to the 11 Biofield Balancers.

You may benefit from Catalyst Essence, if you are reluctant to leave the comfort and seeming security of familiar environments and relationships, or feel unable to give up old habits and beliefs. Perhaps you know deep within your heart that it is time to break with the old, to end a relationship, or find a new job, move to a different town or even  start afresh in another country. Your heart calls you to take the next step, but your mind is filled with fear and dread and "what if's" that paralyse you and make any movement impossible.

Catalyst Essence is like a good friend,  gently pushing you to take that all important first step so life can begin to unfold for you in the most magnificent and beneficial way. The universe has plans for you - embrace the changes and enjoy the adventure!


Use 6 - 9 drops in a glass of water or juice. This can be repeated as often as necessary throughout the day.

Rainbow Essences contain alcohol. Please consult your doctor or health professional if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

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