Trauma Release

Rescue Essence (No.19)


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Trauma Release


I am calm and clear.
My body is safe and relaxed.

Trauma Release Essence helps body and mind let go of stress caused by traumatic events and return to an energetic state of balance. This essence can help to reduce the build-up of adrenaline, a hormone associated with stress and trauma which prepares the body for the fight or flight response. However, in our society and in daily life it is rarely possible to use any of these instinctive reactions; you simply can't run away or punch your boss - or anyone else for that matter - on the nose when you feel threatened. So the adrenaline stays where it is and over a period of time causes body, mind and spirit to suffer.

Trauma Release Essence contains:
Emerald gives direction and focus.
Rhodonite helps to reconcile long term pain and to stay conscious during traumatic situations.
Self Heal clears shock and allows healing to happen on all levels.
Marigold clears away the emotional debris created by trauma.
Cherry Plum releases feelings of panic and gives clarity during and after traumatic events.
Clematis brings us into the here and now and encourages awareness of the bigger picture.

Trauma Release Essence is supported and complemented by Refresh Essence, Strength Essence and Past Life Essence.
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Trauma Release

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