Aura Cleanse (No.17)


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My energy stays clear.

Refresh Essence acts on the bodyï¾’s electromagnetic field with the ability to filter out unsuitable energies and thought forms. When the energy field is strong its self cleansing function leaves us feeling clean, fresh and unaffected by outside influences. Refresh Essence has an added quality of smoothing the energy field and removing hooks of unwanted attachments to people and situations.

Refresh Essence contains:
Fluorite frees the spirit. Labradorite strengthens our intuitive abilities. Rosemary clears, invigorates and uplifts. Crab Apple removes self limitations and judgements. Marigold clears emotions and brings freshness and clarity. Daffodil invites in a new approach.

Refresh Essence is supported by Healing Essence, Past Life Essence and Trauma Release Essence

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