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My energy field is strong and fully functioning.
I feel comfortable in all situations.

Confidence Essence is like a wonderfully light and warm blanket that we can wrap around ourselves to feel comfortable, protected and safe in all situations. Whether it is a meeting that we dread, a public performance or speaking engagement or just generally walking into an office full of people and feeling observed and judged, Confidence Essence is designed to act like a buffer zone around the body. It lets us feel secure, puts a spring into our step wherever we go and allows us to engage in conversation with others without feeling vulnerable and insecure.

Confidence Essence contains:
Coral forms a supportive zone of protection around us. Amazonite filters energy entering the aura and opens pathways for freedom of movement. Mallow moves the energy faster around the body forming a smooth condensed buffer zone. Gorse aligns internal timing and releases fear and desperation. Blackberry encourages and strengthens assertiveness allowing us to respond fearlessly. Larchï¾  allows us to feel self assured and graceful. Buttercup strengthens and brightens the surface of the energy field. Wild Rose allows us to see through the eyes of love.

Confidence Essence is supported by Clarity Essence, Strength Essence and Safe Space Essence.

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