Angel Link

Yang the Spirit (No.14)


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Angel Link


"I am always guided and protected by the unseen world"

Angel Link Essence aligns the chakras from the heart upwards and directs your awareness toward your spirit guides, masters and your angels.
This essence brings your attention to the higher dimensional nature of your being and the light beings who are always beside you, ready to guide and support you as you walk your path through life. When Angel Link Essence appears in your selection you are made aware that your angels and guides are close, waiting for you to become aware of their presence.

Angel Link Essence contains:
  • Angelite opens your eyes to seeing your spirit guides and helpers.
  • Clear Quartz enables clear and unobstructed direction and vision.
  • White Archangel allows you to feel safe as you explore the dimensions beyond worldly limitations.
  • White Foxglove strengthens your trust in your perception of worlds beyond the veil.
  • White Rose softens and opens the heart to giving and receiving love more consistently.

Angel Link Essence works exquisitely in combination with Safe Space Essence and Love Essence. Angel Link brings the six chakras above the heart
into alignment, Safe Space aligns the six chakras below the heart and Love Essence stabilises and reinforces the centre of your being, the unconditional love of the Heart.

Further Info & Usage

Angel Link Essence belongs to the 11 Biofield Balancers.

You may need Angel Link Essence when you feel alone, abandoned and lost. Meditation and prayer seem meaningless because you have lost trust in your connection to the unseen worlds. The concept of guidance from the realms of light may feel intrusive and frightening, because your faith in a greater power is filled with doubt.

Angel Link Essence allows you to feel safe in the knowledge that you are surrounded by the infinite love and healing light of the higher dimensions. You feel yourself to be in partnership with your angels, masters and guides, working together to bring the highest good into your own life and into the world.

Use 6 - 9 drops in a glass of water or juice. This can be repeated as often as necessary throughout the day.
Disturbed Sleep:
Using Angel Link Essence in combination with Balance Essence and Safe Space Essence can often bring wonderful relief. Take 3 drops of each essence in a glass of water before going to bed.

Rainbow Essences contain alcohol. Please consult your doctor or health professional if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

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Angel Link

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