Earth Chakra (No.13)


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I take my place in the here and now

Stability Essence belongs to the 13 Core Essences that directly address the 13 energy centres/chakras which assimilate and distribute energy throughout our energy bodies and influence the quality and behaviour of our physical and interdimensional DNA.
The Earth Star is a chakra which is situated in the ground beneath our feet. It enables us to receive the gifts and benefits that the earth has to offer. Stability Essence anchors us into the magic of our environment so that we can replenish our vital energies and become more grounded and balanced. Being firmly grounded and anchored to the Earth Mother allows us to reach up and connect with our highest potential so we can live the most empowered and purpose filled life.

Stability Essence contains:
Black Tourmaline is grounding and aligns our energy deep into the earth giving us a feeling of strength and stability. Oak is the most "down to earth" of the flower essences telling us that in order to reach high we need to be firmly rooted.ï¾

Stability Essence is supported by Balance Essence, Enlightenment Essence and Safe Space Essence
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