Throat Chakra (No.6)


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I live my truth

Expression Essence belongs to the 13 Core Essences that directly address the 13 energy centres/chakras which assimilate and distribute energy throughout our energy bodies and influence the quality and behaviour of our physical and interdimensional DNA.


The Throat Chakra is the powerful portal through which we express our true nature. It directs the way in which we communicate and facilitates the expression of our creativity through words and actions. Expression Essence helps to bringï¾  this important energy portal into balance and removes the energetic blocks that prevent clear, honest communication and the dynamic expression of our creative gifts. Because the throat chakra also facilitates the expression of our creative nature it is closely linked to the Hara Chakra (Sacred Sex). If either of these chakras is blocked or not functioning properly the function of the complementary chakra is almost always affected, too.

Self Expression Essence contains:
Lapis Lazuli encourages honest communication of personal truth. Peruvian Opal facilitates strong and direct expression and Bluebell brings joy and spontaneity and promotes clear and inclusive communication.

Expression essence is supported and complemented by Strength Essence, Sacred Sex Essence and Confidence Essence.

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