Third Eye Chakra (No.5)


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I trust my intuition

Intuition Essencebelongs to the 13 Core Essences that directly address the 13 energy centres/chakras which assimilate and distribute energy throughout our energy bodies and influence the quality and behaviour of our physical and interdimensional DNA.


Focus and balance in the Third Eye Chakra bring heightened intuition, accurate perception of impressions, inner knowing and instinctive connection. In our daily lives these gifts translate into useable knowledge and wisdom. Trusting the clear guidance of your intuitive knowing when making important decisions can make the difference between failure or success of a project. The Third Eye Chakra is the focal point for the combined senses of sight, listening, feeling, taste, smell and our sixth sense. All these senses constantly pick up impressions from our environment which are then translated into clear knowing in the Third Eye. Intuition Essence allows us to see and sense more clearly and trust in the wisdom and correctness of our extrasensory perceptions.


Intuition Essence contains:
Azurite encourages clear direction. Speedwell combines the multitude of perceptions into an accurate and focused picture. Eyebright allows clear perception and supports the decision making process.

Intuition Essence is supported and complemented byï¾  Refresh Essence and Protection Essence

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