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"I trust in the divine plan for my life."

Clarity Essence is the vibrational match for the Crown Chakra which is located at the top of your head, in the area of the fontanelle. This is the place where the energy of your Highest Self meets the density of your human nature. This chakra is a doorway through which you can align yourself with the divine blueprint for your life. When the Crown Chakra is balanced and energized you find yourself making choices that reflect the perfection of the divine blueprint, enabling you to create a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

Clarity Essence supports
you in clearing, balancing and fully opening your Crown Chakra, so you can make enlightened choices, resolve dilemmas with clarity and reconnect to the miracle of grace.

If Clarity has shown up in your selection today, you are asked to release your doubts and allow yourself to trust in the way life unfolds. Observe the magnificence and perfection of the universe, the natural order in nature, the infallibility of the unversal laws. Even though you may not understand why things are happening the way they do, you are reminded that you are a child of the One who created the universe. How could your life be anything less than perfect and magnificent?

Clarity Essence contains:
  • Herkimer Diamond to provide crystal clear direction that will cut through resistance and confusion.
  • Purple Loosestrife to enable you to reach up and connect with the radiant energy of the heavens and your Highest Self.

Clarity works particularly well in synergy with Love, Balance and Enlightenment Essence.

Further Info & Usage

Clarity Essence belongs to the 13 Core Essences that work directly with the chakras.

Crown Chakra Info:
On the physical level this chakra corresponds to and influences the health of the following bodily systems:
  • nervous system
  • muscular system
  • skin and skeletal structures

Imbalances within this chakra may show themselves as:
  • depression
  • chronic exhaustion (not linked to physical disorders)
  • nervous disorders
  • systemic skin disorders
  • fibromyalgia

The gifts of this chakra are:
  • clarity
  • humanitarianism
  • selflessness
  • ability to see the larger picture
  • trust
  • surrender
  • devotion
  • courage
Directions: Use 6 - 9 drops in a glass of water or juice. This can be repeated as often as necessary throughout the day.

Rainbow Essences contain alcohol. Please consult your doctor or health professional if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
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