Soul Mates

Soul Family Chakra (No.2)


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Soul Mates

I embrace my soul family.
Soul Mates Essence belongs to the 13 Core Essences which directly address the 13 energy centres/chakras that assimilate and distribute energy throughout our energy bodies and influence the quality and behaviour of our physical and interdimensional DNA.


The Soul Family Chakra is an energy centre situated approx. 9 inches above the head. When this chakra is functioning well we attract people who support us in fulfilling our life purpose; we feel connected and experience support and a sense of belonging and fitting in.

When this energy centre is out of balance we often feel lonely, unsupported and the odd one out. Soul Mates Essence reminds us of our soul family and draws into our lives the people who on a soul level have agreed to support us in fulfilling our life purpose.

Soul Mates Essence contains:
Silver encourages the perception of who we are and removes barriers. Silver Birch enables the recognition of soul family and in its lightness of movement encourages cooperation and support through relationships that further our spiritual and personal growth.

ï¾ Soul Mates Essence is supported and complimented by Self Esteem Essence and Respect Essence.ï¾ 


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Soul Mates

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