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I invite Golden Light into the Earth through me

Enlightenment Essence belongs to the 13 Core Essences that directly address the 13 energy centres/chakras which assimilate and distribute energy throughout our energy bodies and influence the quality and behaviour of our physical and interdimensional DNA.


The Stellar Gateway is an energy centre situated approx. 24 inches above the head. This chakra is the portal through which we invite the infinite, wise and lovingï¾  energy of our true Selfï¾  into the Now. Understanding and accepting that we are more than just our physical bodies is the first step in activating this chakra to experience the abundance of blessings that come when we are connected and express the energy of all that we are. When this energy centre is balanced and open we feel safe in the realisation that we are one with the source of all life who is pure love.


When we feel disconnected from the higher dimensions of our being and unable to experience where we fit into the universal plan, Enlightenment Essence reconnects us to our source and highest guidance. This essence is full of golden energy for warming our spirit and connecting us to the highest dimensions of our existence.

In order to encourage the flow of this golden energy into your life and into your being, you may want to try the following exercise:

Stand with your feeet shoulders' width apart and your arms reaching up towards the sky. Begin to visualize Golden Light showering down into the Earth through your body.
Consciously draw this golden energy down through your energy field into your head, down through your neck, shoulders and back, and then down through the back of your legs into your feet. Visualize the light flowing from your feet into the crystal heart of Mother Earth.
Wait for the Golden Light to flow back up into your feet, enriched now with the love of the Earth Mother. Draw the energy up through the inside of your legs, up the front of your body, through your throat and face and see it flowing back into the golden globe of your Stellar Gateway centre and from there back to Source.
As you repeat the sequence 5 - 6 times, sing the following words:

I invite Golden Light into the Earth through me.

As you practice this exercise regularly you will begin to feel the Golden Light flowing through your physical and energy bodies, bringing peace, joy and healing into your life and into Mother Earth.

Enlightenment Essence contains:

Gold conducting new vital information from the universe that is essential for change. Golden Rose connects us to the wisdom of our Highest Self. Golden Rod directs information and enery to flow through the physical and energy bodies.

Enlightenment Essence is supported and complemented by Strength Essence, Stability Essence and Angel Link Essence
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