What can the Rainbow Essences do for me?

Posted: 28/11/2013 in Rainbow Essences

How the essences help you Rainbow Essences
What can the Rainbow Essences do for me? Rainbow Essences are the perfect tool for those times when you feel out of balance. It may be that you are stressed by life, work and relationships. Or perhaps you are being affected by a huge life event, such as moving house, changing jobs, a new baby or the loss of a friend or loved one. All these events can affect how we feel and throw our energy into disarray. You may be feeling sad, lost, helpless or fearful - these are emotions that block the flow of our chi (life energy) and keep us from being whole and happy. Rainbow Essences are designed to create a state of balance and harmony in your energy field which will help you to calm your emotions, see things clearly and allow you to begin the process of healing  - a process that your body knows how to do in the perfect way.