What are Rainbow Essences?

Posted: 28/11/2013 in Rainbow Essences

Rainbow Essences
What are Rainbow Essences? We all have places, people or things that we love and that make us feel happy, comfortable or peaceful. That is positive healing energy at work. When our energy is out of balance, we can find ourselves stuck in fearful and uncomfortable situations and behaviors. Essences are made by tapping into the source of positive energies from around the world - crystals, flowers,water from special and sacred sites - and combining them, tuning each essence to particular areas (chakras/energy vortexes) on and around the body. The result is a precious liquid, a solution of water, brandy and imprinted positive energy, which works with you to restore equilibrium in your life. The Rainbow Essences - put simply - are little bottles of powerful vibrational healing energy.